Solid shampoo - normal hair - Le Boréal

Solid shampoo - normal hair - Le Boréal

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Suitable for normal hair
100% natural, gentle on your hair and zero waste!

How to use: Wet hair and shampoo well. Keeping the entire length of the hair close to the scalp, rub the shampoo vigorously for at least 20-30 seconds over the entire surface of the head. After obtaining a rich and abundant foam, massage the hair. Rinse.

It is important to let the shampoo dry completely between each use and not to keep it in a box.


Liliblanc's shampoo, Le Boréal, is made with Quebec ingredients such as:

• Gaspésie balsam fir
• Kamouraska gray clay
• organic hemp oil
• organic balsam fir hydrosol
• hydrosol and organic lavender from Quebec

Designed for normal hair, Le Boréal gives lots of volume and leaves hair incredibly soft and shiny.

Ingredient properties:
Hemp oil: smoothing, volumizing and nourishing
Broccoli oil: moisturizing, softening and detangling effect
Balsam fir: invigorating, antiseptic and stimulates growth
Marshmallow root: nourishing and softening
Phytokeratin: maintains hydration
Vegetable collagen: thickening and sheathing
Provitamin B5: fortifying and brings shine